About Us
Established by the Nagamine family some thirty years ago, Nu’uanu
Okazuya remains a fixture in Honolulu for its traditional and innovative
Japanese and local food selections that are offered to the public. It is still
located on Nu’uanu Avenue, just mauka (mountain-side) of Chinatown.

When Mark Kitagawa noticed a decline in Hawaii’s traditional Okazuya
establishments he knew he could make a difference. He wanted to offer
foods to the many others that, like him, grew up with in an Okazuya
setting. In May 2007, Mark Kitagawa joined the Nagamine’s. He was
taught all of the “secret” recipes which made the Nagamine owned
establishment such a popular eating spot. Mark is now the new owner of
Nu’uanu Okazuya, and remains true to the recipes he was taught. Born
and raised in Hawaii, Mark has been in the Food and Beverage industry
for over 20 years, and understands customer diversification and
Nu'uanu Okazuya
Nu'uanu Okazuya is known for their traditional Japanese style okazu such as
Kabocha pumpkin, Kobumaki, Fish cakes, and assorted Tempuras. Add a few
local favorites like Pork stuffed Aburage, and comfort foods like Tuna Noodle
Casserole, Meatloaf, Chili, and a variety of Stews, and you have a menu with
choices that please many different tastes and hungers.
Nu'uanu Okazuya is located at 1351 Nu'uanu Avenue (mauka) right across
the street from the Hosoi Mortuary. We are open
Monday to Friday 5am to
1pm, Saturday 530am to 2pm, and Sunday, 7am to 1pm.