The Menu
The Menu:
The menu changes to keep up with customers tastes and demands, but you will always find
your favorite traditional and Local dishes!
Served 5am - 9am

2 Eggs (any style)
with Toast or Rice
and 1 Choice Meat

Bacon * Vienna Sausage *
Portuguese Sausage * Spam * Hotdog
Take-out catering available upon request. Please ask for details. Prices are subject
to change without notice due to market prices.

Coffee * Sodas * Juices
Green Tea (Can) * Hot Green Tea
Shrimp * Vegetable * Okinawan Sweet Potato

Char sui * Crab * Chives * Nori * Gobo *
Shitake Mushroom * Boiled Egg * Shrimp*
* Furikake * Salmon * Spicy * Tuna

Fried * Garlic * Furikake Katsu * BBQ  *
Grilled Miso * Shoyu * Chicken Alice (spicy)
* Mochico * Teriyaki *

Miso Butterfish * Shoyu Butterfish * Saba *
Miso Ahi * Garlic Ahi * Grilled Ahi *
Furikake Ahi * Shoyu Ahi * Furikake Salmon*
Tuna and Tofu Patty *
Catch of the Day!
(when available)
Opakapaka * Mo'i * Parrot Fish (U'hu) *
Mullet *
Menpachi * E'hu * Akule * Kumu

Vegetable Dishes
Nishime * Eggplant with Chicken *
Eggplant with Pork * Eggplant with Shrimp *
Garlic Eggplant * Long Squash with Chicken
and Tofu * (Pork Hash/Bacon) Stuffed Bitter
melon * Bitter melon Stirfry * Okara
*Namasu (Traditional, Cucumber,
Bittermelon, or Sweet Beet) *Gobo/Lotus
Root * Kabocha Pumpkin with Shrimp *
Kabocha Pumpkin slice * Garlic Green beans *
Green Beans with Lup Cheong or Spam * Bok
Choy Stir-Fry * Asparagus (Grilled or
Steamed or Bacon-wrapped)*
Kobu Maki (Pork/Chicken/Salmon/Spam)

Okinawan Style Shoyu Pork *
BBQ or Sweet-n-Sour Spareribs *
Pork Chops with Onion/Mushroom gravy *
Kailua Pork and Cabbage * Spareribs Nishime
* Pigs Feet (Ginger enhanced, Teriyaki,
Sweet-n-Sour, or BBQ)

Meatloaf * Corned Beef and Cabbage *
BBQ Stick * Teriyaki burger patty
* Teriyaki Beef

Stews and Soups
Beef Stew * Oxtail Stew *
Chicken and Sausage Stew * Chicken and
Dumplings * Spare Rib Stew
In the Frige:
Mac Salad * Potato/Mac Salad *
Potato Salad * Traditional Namasu *
Cucumber Namasu * Bittermelon Namasu *
Sweet Beet Namasu * Tsukemono * Hijiki*

*Daily Bento:
Dressed rice bottom, Egg Omelet, Grilled
spam, Portuguese or Keilbasa sausage,Grilled
Fish, Kabocha pumpkin or Gobo, Chicken (varies)

Other Foods:
Pork Hash Stuffed Aburrage * Spaghetti *
Shoyu tofu * Steamed tofu * Spicy tofu *
Spam & Egg omelet *

Musubi & Inari
Cone Sushi (Inari) * Nori Musubi * Spam
Musubi * Spam and Egg Musubi * Chicken Katsu
Musubi * Edamame (Soybean) Musubi * Mustard
Greens/Furikake Musubi * Furikake Musubi *
Fried Rice Musubi * Shrimp Tempura Musubi (
Sweet Tai chili and Sweet mustard flavors) *
Fancy Layered Rice and Sushi Loaf

Other Favorites
Chicken Long Rice
Chow Funn
(Saimin) Noodles
Corned Beef & Potato Hash patty
Vegetarian Hash patty
Teriyaki Burger patty
Fried Hot dog
Shoyu Hot dog
Fried Spam slice
Egg/Spam Omelet
Grilled Hamburger patty
Chorizo Sausage
Portuguese Sausage (Hot Rod)
Saimin & Dashi:
Small or Large

Saimin * Won Ton Min * Won Ton Soup *
Don't see something you want? It
can be made on the spot if you are
willing to wait, or just call ahead for