The Menu
The Menu:
The menu changes to keep up with customers tastes and demands, but you will always find
your favorite traditional and Local dishes!
Served 5am - 9am

2 Eggs (any style)
with Toast or Rice
and 1 Choice Meat

Bacon * Vienna Sausage *
Portuguese Sausage * Spam * Hotdog
Take-out catering available upon request. Please ask for details. Prices are subject
to change without notice due to market prices. All items in Menu are available for
catering. Catered orders over $150 accessed 10% Service Charge.
Not all items are prepared Everyday.

Coffee * Sodas * Juices
Green Tea (Can)
Shrimp * Vegetable * Okinawan Sweet Potato

Char sui * Crab * Chives * Nori * Gobo *
Shitake Mushroom * Boiled Egg * Shrimp*
* Furikake * Salmon * Spicy * Tuna

Fried * Garlic * Furikake Katsu * Grilled
Miso * Shoyu * Chicken Alice (spicy) *
Mochico * Teriyaki *

Miso Butterfish * Shoyu Butterfish * Saba *
* Garlic Ahi * Salt & Pepper Ahi *
Furikake Ahi * Shoyu Ahi * Furikake Salmon*
Tuna and Tofu Patty *
Catch of the Day!
(when available)
Opakapaka * Mo'i * Parrot Fish (U'hu) *
Mullet *
Menpachi * E'hu * Akule * Kumu

Vegetable Dishes
Nishime * Long Squash with Chicken and
Tofu * (Pork Hash/Bacon) Stuffed Bitter
melon * Bitter melon Stirfry *
*Gobo/Lotus Root * Kabocha Pumpkin with
Shrimp * Kabocha Pumpkin slice * Garlic
Green beans * Green Beans with Lup Cheong,
Spam, or Bacon * Bok Choy Stir-Fry *
Asparagus (Grilled or Steamed or
Kobu Maki (Pork/Chicken/Salmon/Spam)

Okinawan Style Shoyu Pork *
BBQ or Sweet-n-Sour Spareribs *
Pork Chops * Kailua Pork and Cabbage *
Spareribs Nishime * Pigs Feet (Ginger
enhanced, Teriyaki, Sweet-n-Sour, or BBQ)

Meatloaf * Corned Beef and Cabbage *
Teriyaki burger patty
* Teriyaki Beef

Stews and Soups
Beef Stew * Oxtail Stew *
Chicken and Sausage Stew * Chicken and
Dumplings * Spare Rib Stew

Mood Pies:
Okinawain Sweet Potato Custard
Okinawain Sweet Potato Custard w/ Haupia
Chicken Pie
Turkey Pie
Baked Pasta
Baked Spaghetti
Baked Mac & Cheese
Tex Mex Lasanga
In the Frige:
Mac Salad * Potato/Mac Salad *
Potato/Crab Salad * Traditional Namasu *
Cucumber Namasu * Bittermelon Namasu *

*Daily Bento:
Dressed rice bottom, Grilled Hotdog, Grilled
Spam, Portuguese or Keilbasa sausage, Kabocha
pumpkin, Steamed Sweet Potato or Gobo,
Chicken (varies)

Other Foods:
Pork Hash Stuffed Aburrage * Jambalaya
* Shoyu tofu * Steamed tofu * Spicy tofu *

Musubi & Inari
Cone Sushi (Inari) * Nori Musubi * Spam
Musubi * Spam and Egg Musubi * Chicken Katsu
Musubi * Furikake Musubi *
Fried Rice Musubi * Shrimp Tempura Musubi   
( Sweet Tai chili, Sweet mustard, Teri Miso,
and Wasabi flavors) *

Fancy Layered Rice and Sushi Loaf *
Maki Sushi

Other Favorites
Chicken Long Rice
Chow Funn
(Saimin) Noodles
Corned Beef & Potato Hash patty
Vegetarian Hash patty
Teriyaki Burger patty
Fried Hot dog
Shoyu Hot dog
Fried Spam slice
Egg/Spam Omelet
Grilled Hamburger patty
Chorizo Sausage
Portuguese Sausage (Hot Rod)
Saimin & Dashi:
Small or Large

Saimin * Won Ton Min * Won Ton Soup *
Don't see something you want? It
can be made on the spot if you are
willing to wait, or just call ahead for